Robin Stephens

SCL Group websites

Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Interface Design, and Project Management of five separate corporate group companies' websites as they were consolidated into one.

The previous online presence for the SCL Group comprised five separate websites – one for the parent organisation, plus additional ones for each of the four divisions. The sites all shared very similar interfaces but existed on completely separate websites. From the parent site for example, following a link to a divisional site would open it in a new browser window with a similar look and feel but entirely disconnected navigational structure. To get back to the parent site it was necessary to open another copy of it in another tab. This type of behaviour made navigating between the seemingly integrated sites rather awkward, confusing and disorientating.

The project had initially only consisted of a brand refresh for the parent organisation and sub divisions which I completed first, then following the quick success of that I was tasked with this large project. First, I conducted an information architecture audit of the five separate sites and put together a proposal for how to consolidate, simplify and update the experience.

Working directly with the senior leadership team including CEO and COO, the new designs were quickly approved. I then worked with Front-End Developers, project managing the production, testing and launch of the new solution. The end result was a simple, unified, intuitive site which was responsive across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices. It was built on a Wordpress Content Management System simplifying future updates and using an Amazon Content Delivery Network for reliable serving of image and video media internationally.

Screen recording which demonstrates the responsive design