Robin Stephens

Case study: Capptivate Video Interview Capability

What was the problem?

Having released the first iteration of Cappfinity's new assessment platform, it was not initially possible to include questions which required candidates to record a video to submit answers directly in the platform.

These types of video response questions are great for developing an immersive experience for candidates whilst simultaneously assessing their interpersonal skills. Having to rely on third parties to facilitate this question type using a separate platform was detrimental to the assessment design and disruptive to the user journey.

What was our solution?

Having conducted extensive research into suppliers offering this asynchronous 'video interview' functionality we quickly identified their strengths and weakness as well as opportunities where we would like to see improvements in their solutions.

We wrote up the user stories we thought represented the most valuable areas for product development, and formed a hypothesis for how a new proposal might perform. From these I developed a user journey and wireframes for a new solution which we would build in-house to be integrated directly into our platform.

What was the result?

Having built a working prototype I conducted user testing to gather valuable feedback and validate our assumptions. The pilot project was successfully deployed for KPMG, and the technology has since been integrated into the Capptivate platform and rolled out to many more of Cappfinity's clients including Sky, HSBC and Accenture.